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 DescriptionBefore the start of your event, please become familiar with the setup and operation of the kettle and machine.

The unit requires a grounded non-GFI outlet with 110v.

If you have any questions please call us, our staff can assist you with instructions on proper use in advance of the day of your event.

We don't provide refunds on equipment that is fully functional but wasn't  properly operated at the time of use.

Pop Corn Popper is used as a stand alone unit and needs to be placed on a solid, hard, level surface. 


Do not leave the popper unattended while in use. Popcorn needs to be dumped from kettle when done popping. Tip kettle with attached arm Make sure the gears at the top of the kettle are connected and rotating smoothly. These gears spin the arms inside the kettle which reduce burning and sticking. Turn off the kettle when you are not popping popcorn. The oil will burn and smoke.


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